All-Stars is a fun part of the season where we can watch and support our young ladies of Folsom when they challenge themselves against the best that Sacramento softball can offer.  Our All-Stars will play as Folsom All Star teams and they will play in ASA "B" tournaments.  

Each year we plan to field All-Star teams for 10u, 12u, and 14u divisions.  Depending on player and coach interest there may be enough girls to form a second Silver Stars team that can compete in local tournaments or just get together to keep practicing and having fun.  Formation of a Silver Star team is NOT guaranteed.  Here's an outline of the All-Star "B" program.

Head Coach Selection -  

Those interested in the Head Coach role of the10U/12U/14U divisions must meet the following mandatory criteria:

Head Coach Only:
  • By April 7th, 2013 submit a brief paragraph to the Comp Teams director ( that includes your coach philosophy and some team goals that you'd like to see the girls achieve under your leadership.
  • Ensure 1 member of your staff has their ACE certification for the current year before the All Star season starts. 
  • Be a current or past coach in the FSC Program (rec or comp). 
  • Be present for the All Star try-outs and assist in player evaluations. 
  • Appear in person at a board meeting (Thursday, April 11th 7PM Round Table - Riley) to answer any questions the board may have prior to final selection. 

The Comp Teams Director (Mark Beamish), VP of Comp (Tod Nicosia), and Coach Agent (Bernadine Eshbach) will be evaluating the candidates and making the final decision on the Head Coaches for each division. 

Selected Head Coaches will be notified within 24 hours of the April Board meeting. The Coach Agent will pass on the assistant coach candidate list at that time to allow the Head Coach to pick their own staff.

Note: Assistant coach candidates do not need to attend the board meeting or submit a detailed written statement. Your email to the Coach Agent stating interest gets you on the list to be passed onto the Head Coach. The team will be made up of 12 players. 10 of the players will be selected based on evaluation at the All Star tryouts by the Head Coach and board members.  The remaining 2 spots will be picked by the Head Coach.

What to expect - Players
1. Don't plan on vacations in June.  June is all about softball.
2. Players are selected via a tryout. If you would like an opinion on whether or not to tryout a good person to ask would be your coach.
3. You'll have at least two practices per week and will play in 4-6 weekend long tournaments. 
4. Tournaments are both Saturday (3 games) and Sunday (elimination bracket - win or go home!).
5. As with all Folsom comp teams, there is no specific play time expectation. However, generally players should expect to play at least the equivalent of one game per tournament. Play time will be determined by the coaching staff, but is typically a direct reflection of an individual's talent, effort and attitude on and off the field.
6. Based on this structure per player cost is in the range of $200-300 for 4-6 local tournaments.
  Cost for traveling/attending nationals would be extra.

What to expect - Coaches
1. Don't plan on vacations in June.  June is all about softball!!!  
2. You are expected to be at the practices and tournaments.
3. Expect to arrange minimum of 2 practices (each as long as 2.5 hours) per week.
4. Plan on allocating about 1 hour each day (yes, every day) to deal with off the field questions, planning and misc questions/issues.
5. The coach or team coordinator is responsible for all tournament scheduling, including dealing with player registration for these tournaments.

2013 Key Dates

Advanced Player Clinics for 10u and 12u:
Clinics are run by the division Head Coaches - 10U Tony Morabito and 12U Steve Lee
Sunday, April 7th, 2-4pm, L1
Monday, April 15th, 6-8pm, 12U at L1; 10U at L2
Monday, April 22nd, 6-8pm, 12U at L1; 10U at L2
Friday, April 26th, 6:30-8pm 12U at L3

Four Main All-Star Tournaments
ASA Sanction @ Davis/Dixon: TBD
Stars of Cordova @ Rancho Cordova/Folsom: June 8 - 9
Piece of the Rock @ Rocklin: TBD
Association Championships @ Folsom: TBD

Fall Teams
After All-Stars,teams may choose to continue on playing softball during the fall season, which they can do in the NorCal Winterball program.  This consists of a seeding tournament Labor Day weekend, followed by double-headers on Sundays (Saturdays for 14U).   Team formation would be at the discretion of the league, pending player availability and impact to Rec. 

At our FSC Information Session on All-Stars we plan to give you more background and information on what to expect in regards to the program. This will be a great opportunity for you to learn more about the world of competitive softball.  Trust's a world that will amaze you in ways you never expected.