How To Enroll

Start the process to enroll into Folsom Softball Club by logging into Teamsideline.  

Here are some basic instructions to get you started with the enrollment process (using the Teamsideline terminology):

  1. Start by logging into the site – see “sign in” in the upper right of the "Home" page.  If you haven’t logged in before you’ll need to create a user ID.

  2. Once you login you will see a new option under the “Rec” tab called “Enroll” (click here).   Select that option to get started.

  3. Enrolling Players: for each player you want to register you will need to add an enrollment (“add enrollment”).  Enter the players name as the “Enrollee” choose the program EXAMPLE:Spring Softball – Spring 2012” and select the relevant offering (offering= age division).

  4. Volunteer to Coach: coaches need to register as a “Volunteer”.  Here’s an example, select Add Enrollment, enter your name as the “enrollee”, choose enrollment type of “Volunteer”, program as “Spring Softball – Spring 2012” and then select the offering for which you are volunteering to coach.  Remember “offering” is similar to the age division you’d like to coach.  Finally, the system will ask you for the type of volunteer (select either Assistant Coach or Coach).

  5. Once you’ve completed this initial part, select the “checkout” button to continue with the enrollment process.  

  6. The next couple of pages will have you complete the player and volunteer (coach) application.  

  7. Once you are completed you will enter in your credit card information for payment.