We are the Frisco Kings Sports Academy (FKSA) and we are a sports academy that provides a variety of services for our youth and our local community. Our Mission is to edify and enhance our youth’s Academics, Athletics, and Citizenship through our holistic mentorship program. This program is designed specifically to engage our youth in competitive activities that enhance not only physical abilities but also confidence and emotional and mental well-being.

We have the five (5) following programs: 

  1. Academics – Scholastic Improvement and Endeavors (Scholarships, Tutoring, STEM, and College Preparation) 
  2. Athletics – Teamwork, Team Building

  3. Community Service - Street and Neighborhood cleanup, Shelter Services, Food Services, Clothing Services, and working with and helping the less fortunate.

  4. Leadership and Development – Junior Advocates (Member of Board of Directors, Job Training and Development, Leadership Training and Development)

  5. Mentorship – Personal, Social, and Citizenship Improvement

We currently work in conjunction with the following constituents to determine the most efficient and effective use of our time, effort, and funding for our programs:

    1. Fieldhouse USA, Frisco, Texas

    2. Frisco Independent School District and selected schools

    3. Parents and Guardians

    4. Local businesses, community centers, and charities

      • Food and Beverages
      • Financial Institutions
      • Health and Wellness
      • Staffing and Recruiting
      • Printing Services
      • Food Banks
      • Clothing Banks
      • Men and Women Shelter

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