Keeping games from becoming blowouts

Some tips for ways to keep the score from getting out of hand.

Some suggestions for keeping games from becoming blowouts from this article on the National Soccer Coaches Association of America's website 
“Shoot with the weaker foot” and other low-scoring ideas

What can the winning team do to keep the score down while still playing good soccer and benefiting from the experience? Here’s a list of possible conditions and restrictions that coaches and players can accept to help balance the competitive situation on the field and still play hard. The list is arranged in approximate order of difficulty:

  • Change positions, including keeper.
  • Shoot only with weaker foot.
  • Score only after successfully executing give-and-go in the offensive third of the field.
  • Make 10 consecutive passes before attacking the goal.
  • No one may score until a designated player scores.
  • Enforce two-touch passing limitation.
  • Allow two-touch passing in defensive end, one-touch in offensive end.
  • Score by heading only. (Should only be used with older groups (u10 & up) 
  • Following restarts (including throw-ins), all 11 players must touch the ball before attacking the goal.
  • And leave one on the line!