In accordance with the VYSA and US Youth Soccer rulings, your child's BIRTH YEAR determines which division to place your child in.  This is to ensure that all children that are the same age play in the same division.
Please if you have any questions, send an email to  If you feel your child is ready for an older division, you must follow the FRSA Move-Up policy.  Submit your request 4 weeks before the end of the season, so your child can be evaluated.

DivisionBirth YearSoccer Ball
U-62011Size 3
U-72010Size 3
U-82009Size 3
U-102007-8Size 4
U-122005-6Size 4
U-14 (Generally Co-Ed)2003-4Size 5
U-19 Senior (Generally Co-Ed)1998-2002Size 5