Tournament Specifics 

Tournament Rules for all LYSA Tournaments

Click on the following link for the LYSA Tournament Rules .  These rules only apply to LYSA administered tournaments.  Other groups use the Bair complex to host their tournaments and may have other rules that govern their events.  Organizations such as Great Plains Sports Productions and Lincoln Public Schools are examples of such groups.

Gate Fees For LYSA Hosted Tournaments


Adults - $6 for Single Day Admission - $15 for Weekend Pass

K-12 Students and Seniors - $4 for Single Day Admission - $10 for Weekend Pass

5 & under - Free



Adults - $6 for Single Day Admission - $10 for Weekend Pass

K-12 Students and Seniors - $4 for Single Day Admission - $7.00 for Weekend Pass

5 & under - Free



Adults - $6 for Single Day Admission

K-12 Students/Seniors - $4 for Single Day Admission

5 & under - Free

Weekend passes will be a non-removable wristband that will be attached to your wrist when purchased.  Wristbands will not be attached to clothing or purses.  Wristband passes that have been removed or are not worn on the wrist, will not be honored.   

These are the gate fees charged by LYSA hosted tournaments.  Other groups use Bair Park to host their events and may charge gated fees different from these.  Organizations such as Great Plains Sports Productions and Lincoln Public Schools are examples of such groups.

Coaches Passes 

Three coaches will be admitted free for each team registered into LYSA tournaments.  These will be provided at the ticket booth at the gate into the park in the form of a weekend pass wristband.  Additional coaches will be required to pay the standard admission.   

Team Warm-up Areas

The Doris Bair Softball Complex offers several large warm-up areas throughout the park.  A warm-up area within view of the field that you are scheduled to play is easy to find.  The area between Field 3 and Field 4 is lighted to provide a safe area for after dark warm-up.


Tailgating is allowed at Doris Bair Softball Complex.  Food can be brought into the complex to feed the team, but grills are only allowed in the parking lot.  You are welcome to set up your pop-up tents in out of the way areas, for your "between game" time.  


A concession stand fully stocked with all of the standard fare will be open from before the start of games until the last game has ended.  We take pride in the quality of our food offerings and also offer some healthy choices of snacks and drinks.  We offer hot and cold drinks and also some unique items such as hand warmers, hair ties, pain relievers, sunscreen, bug repellent and even softballs that meet the sanctioning requirements for the tournament.  We stay open until the end of the last game so you can grab a snack and drink for the ride home and save a stop at the convenience store.  We even serve breakfast items for those early tournament mornings.

Athletic Trainers

Professional Athletic Trainers are on site anytime tournament play is under way, for all LYSA hosted tournaments.  Come see them at their tent near the concession stand for injuries, icing, stretching or advice on any orthopedic condition.  They will be the first responders to any medical emergency in the complex should that need arise.

Emergency Response

A two way radio network connects all of the staff, tournament director, UIC, athletic trainers, transportation drivers as well as every plate umpires on each field of play, during any tournament hosted at Doris Bair Softball Complex. This assures that situations can be quickly dealt with as they occur and we can get the right people to the scene as quickly as possible.  With our athletic trainers on site during all games, they will be the first responders to any medical emergency in the complex, on field or off the field.


Please leave your pets at home.  Pets of any type are not allowed in the complex at Bair, with the exception of identified trained service dogs.


Wi-Fi is available at Doris Bair Softball Complex near the concession stand.  This allows you to check scores, brackets and game times with your smart device.

Web Based Brackets

All tournaments hosted by LYSA as well as those administered by Great Plains Sports Productions, will utilize web based tournament schedules and brackets.  See the "Tournament Brackets" tab for links to these sites.


A large, lighted parking lot will handle all of the cars for most tournaments.  Overflow parking is available less than a block away, for those few events when the parking lot is full.  Large vehicles such as buses, RV's and vehicles with trailers are able to park in our overflow area.

Ride to the Field

We even give rides to those with physical disabilities.  We realize that with 7 fields, the trek to some of them can be quite a long walk.  We don’t want to give anybody an excuse not to come out to the ballpark and enjoy the game, so we offer those with disabilities or medical needs a “Hitch-a-Ride Hotline” that can be called for a ride.  With a phone call to our hotline, or a request of the gate personnel, we will pick you up at the gate and take you to the field of your choice.  After the game, give us another call and we will come back and drive you right to your car. 

Off Site Food

While we would prefer that you eat with us at our concession stand, we realize that if you have a few games off, you may want to get indoors and relax for a while.  There are a number of highly recommended establishments in close proximity to the park.  Just ask and we will provide you with some suggestions and driving directions.


Where to find Fast food, a good motel and Walmart is what everyone needs to know when traveling to tournaments.  There are two Walmart's near Doris Bair Softball Complex.  One about two miles to the west and another about 3 miles to the east.

A Good Motel

Doris Bair Softball Complex is right down the road from quite number of good quality motels.  The closest are cluster of motels about two miles to the west.  Another group of motels are located about 4 miles away, west then north, by the Interstate 80, 27th Street exit.  Of course there are good motels all over town, just a bit farther away.  You will have no problem finding a good room in Lincoln, (unless the Huskers are playing at home).  You can find preferred hotels under the Info tab, Location Information, and then Hotels.

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