Pond Hockey

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League Information
January-February, Ages 18+

  • 5 week season
  • Guaranteed 5 regular season games
  • 1 game per week
  • 4 vs. 4 play with no goalies
  • Rink dimensions:
    • 150 x 75 feet with 18 inch wooden boards
    • Goals are six feet wide with two one-foot openings
  • Equipment:
    • All players must wear helmets and hockey skates
    • Protective equipment is optional but highly recommended
    • City tournament held for all divisions
  • League games are at Lake Nokomis Park rinks


  • Men's Competitive: majority of players have played at high school level or higher
  • Men's Recreational: majority of players are newer to hockey or have not played at a competitive level
  • Co Rec
  • Women's



2018 Adult Pond Hockey Bulletin & Rules



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