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Be a role model, earn some extra cash and gain leadership skills.

We are looking for dependable, enthusiastic and knowledgeable men and women to umpire youth RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities) baseball and softball, adult kickball and adult softball.

Youth RBI Baseball Umpires

Umpire FAQ - Baseball

Umpire Equipment Checklist

We are currently hiring for umpires for the following sports.

Youth Baseball

Youth Slow Pitch Softball

Youth Fast Pitch Softball

Adult Slow Pitch Softball


Youth RBI Softball, Adult Softball & Kickball Umpires

RBI Softball, Adult Softball and Adult Kickball umpires will work with Minneapolis Umpire Association (MUA) and the Amateur Softball Association (ASA)

Learn more about the MUA/ASA, clinics, uniform requirements, rules, the ball fields and the scheduling system by following the link below.

MUA / ASA Umpires

RBI Baseball Umpire Contact



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