Volunteer with MPRB Athletics

Volunteer coaches and instructors for youth sports are needed throughout the year for Citywide Youth Sports programs.



  • Gymnastics/Tumbling: March-May
  • Baseball: April-July
  • Softball: May-July
  • Tee Ball: Spring/Summer
  • Track & Field: May-June
  • Soccer: spring leagues    


  • Soccer: August-October
  • Football: August-October
  • Volleyball: October-December
  • Flag Football: Fall Leagues


  • Basketball: December-March
  • Hockey: December-February
  • Wrestling: December-March
  • Ice skating: December-February

 How do I become a coach?

  • Contact your local Recreation Center or the Volunteer Coordinator, to find out about opportunities in your area.
  • Fill out a coaching application and meet with a Recreation Center Director. After meeting with the Recreation Center Director, they will have you do the following:
  1. Complete a background check (once per year). Recreation Center Director will give you the form.
  2. Complete Concussion Awareness Training (online, once every three years).  Print or save a copy of your certificate and turn it into your Recreation Center Director.
  3. Agree to our Coaches Code of Ethics (once per year).
  4. Attend preseason meetings or training (as determined by the Youth Sports Department and/or Recreation Center Directors). 

Nicole Zappa, Volunteer Coordinatornzappa@minneapolisparks.org

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