One of Newcastle's hidden jewels, Chantry Field has been home to baseball for over 115 years! The second oldest youth baseball field in the United States, Chantry resembles something out of another era. Neighbors gather on their porch to watch a ball game. The smell of barbeque slightly distracts the coach before giving his signs to the hitter. The beautiful grass infield, the bleachers dug into the hill behind home plate, the tall eucalyptus trees in right field... all add up to an experience for the kids and their families unlike anything else in youth baseball.


Chantry Field saw its first game in 1901 from miners coming in via the nearby train tracks. A community over the years was built up around the field. Leonard Orsolini, who property literally borders the field down the left field line, mows the grass twice a week and raises the flag on game days. Numerous neighbors, like Ken Johnson, have seen their kids grow up through the league yet still remain on the board of directors or contribute to the maintenance of the field.


From 1923 to 1968, semi pro teams played on the field. The first teams in 1923 were Lincoln, Roseville Happy Hour, Colfax, Auburn, Newcastle, Grass Valley North Star Mine and Grass Valley Empire Mine. As the years went on, the league grew to add other teams- Placerville, Roseville, Foresthill and Midu Tribe. Newcastle players such as Lee Miller, Hack Bernal, Nat Giualiani, Hack Hansen and Al Costa all took turns trying to homer over the railroad tracks, beyond the fence in center field, while Manager Bailey Snider looked on. By the 1970s, it was a youth field, and eventually, Newcastle Little League was born. The league named was changed in the 2000s to Mid Placer Little League to better represent the multiple communities it served.


We at Mid Placer Little League our honored to continue a tradition that dates back to a long lost era. Come experience baseball the way it was meant to be, and we welcome you with open arms to our field.