Northridge ASA Girls Softball: Manager/Teamparent Info

Field Guidelines for Managers:

1. The "Home" team is responsible for setting up the field prior to a game.

2. The "Visitor" team is responsible for dragging the field after a game.

3. After a game, each team is responsible for cleaning out their respective dugouts. 

4. After the last game of the day:

     -The "Visitor" team is responsible for dragging the field, putting away the bases,  watering the field, turning off the scoreboard, and locking the score shack.

     -Both teams are responsible for cleaning out their respective dugouts and sweeping around and under the stands.

     -The last manager at the complex is responsible to lock the equipment room and check to see that all of the pitching machines are locked away and the cages are locked.

5. For practices, the manager is responsible to put away the bases, drag and water the field and lock the equipment building.

Cage Guidelines for Managers:

1. Managers are responsible to lock up the pitching machine and lock the cages after each use, unless the next the next assigned manager arrives to take over the cages.

2. The pitching machines need to be handled carefully.  Place them into the box gently.  The reason they have been breaking down, is that the electronic are being damaged when the machines are dropped into the boxes.

3. Please respect the Cages.  They are all brand new and we want to keep them in good working order for a long time to come. 

4. On game days, the pitching machines must be locked back in the boxes before each game and the cages locked.  This will be the responsibility of the "Visitor" team.

5. If it rains, the machines cannot be used, as long as the floor of the cages is wet. 

 Please respect our fields and cages as if they were your own property!