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Baseball and Softball Registration Process:

 STEP 1:  Register (or "Enroll") each child online and pay the registration fee.

 STEP 2: Submit the REQUIRED age and residency documentation (see instructions by division):

  1) Proof of Age (Birth Certificate)

  2) Proofs of Residency (one document from each of the three different groups - 3 documents in total). See Acceptable Residency Document Categories.

T-BALL AND ROOKIE DIVISIONS: Please bring your age and residency documents to one of the walk-up registration sessions so the NNLL staff can help place your player in the appropriate division.

 BASEBALL & SOFTBALL MINOR, MAJOR AND UPPER DIVISIONS: you may submit your age and residency documents by one of two methods:

  1) Bring copies of your player's documents to one of the walk-up registration sessions below, or

  2) Return to your account and upload the documents to each player's profile. My Account > Members > Click edit icon for each player > Upload your docs > SAVE.

  Note: all age and residency documents will be reviewed by NNLL officials to ensure they meet the Little League requirements. You will be notified that your documents were either accepted or need further action.

Walk-Up Registration:

  • January 9 from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (Heron School)
  • January 13 from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Heron School)
  • January 20 from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Heron School)

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Required Documents (all players)


To ensure that all players are playing in the correct league and division, Little League requires proof of age and residency for each player as part of the registration process. For players 8 and older, NNLL will retain copies of age and residency documentation for the duration of the season.

  1. Proof of Age:  player's birth certificate (NNLL officials will validate and keep the copy and return the original to you).
  2. Proofs of Residency:  three (3) proofs of residency to show that you reside within NNLL boundaries: one (1) document from each of the three different groups below. See Acceptable Residency Document Groups .
    If you reside outside NNLL boundaries, but attend a school within NNLL boundaries as of 10/1/17, you may complete the School Enrollment Form as an alternate residence qualifier. Please bring the completed form, signed by the school principal, to walk-up registration. Click here for a School Enrollment Form.

    Click here for in-depth, detailed information about the required registration documents including:

  • Proof of Residency requirements (one from each of the three groups - (3) total, dated or in force between February 1, 2017 and February 1, 2018)
  • Proof of Age requirement (birth certificate)
  • How to obtain a “Statement in lieu of acceptable proof of birth”
  • Acceptable documents if a birth certificate is unavailable
  • NNLL boundary information

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Acceptable Residency Document Groups

Effective 2017, Little League has divided residency documents into three different groups. Players must establish residence eligibility by providing one document from each of the three categories listed below (for a total of 3 residency documents).

Additionally, Little League requires that each of your three residency documents must:

1. be dated or in-force between February 1, 2017 and February 1, 2018, and

2. all reflect the same address under which your player is registered.

Note: you may block out personal data such as account numbers or financial information; please ensure your name, address, date and type of document are all readable.

One document from Group 1
Drivers License
School Records (report card, registration verification, etc.)
Vehicle Records (registration, lease, etc.)
Employment Records (pay check stub, W2, etc.)
Insurance Documents 

One document from Group 2
Welfare/Child Care Records (4th R, etc.)
Federal Records (Federal tax, Social Security statement, etc.)
State Records (CA tax, 
Local/Municipal Records (property tax, jury summons, etc.)
Support Payment Records
Homeowner/Tenant Records (lease agreement, mortgage statement, HOA, etc.)
Military Records

One document from Group 3
Voter Registration
Utility Bills (SMUD, PG&E, sewer, garbage, etc.)
Financial Records (loan, credit, investments, etc.)
Medical Records 
Internet, Cable or Satellite Records

Click here for the official Little League Player Verification form.

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Volunteers and manager selection process

NNLL is a an all-volunteer league. The success of the league and ability to serve all of our community's kids relies on the participation of all of its parents. All parents are highly encouraged to register early for their preferred volunteer positions to ensure adequate training as needed.


 All volunteers must be approved

 All Volunteers (Assistant Coaches, Team Parents, Scorekeepers, Groundskeepers, Snack Bar, etc.) must enroll here and also pass a free background check.


 All prospective Team Managers must self nominate

 NNLL works hard to make sure all of our managers understand the League's expectations and abide by our Code of Conduct. If you are interested in becoming a team manager, you must nominate yourself. To begin the process, please visit the Managers and Coaches page.

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NNLL boundary information

Click the image below to view our boundaries.


Age-determination dates

Current as of October 2017

"League Age" may differ from actual age. Little League is supportive in keeping kids with their classmates (particularly in the younger divisions like Tee Ball, Rookie, and Single-A). In addition, the Majors baseball division is intended to be a 12-year old or younger division. See the charts below to see the League Age for your child based on the month he/she was born.

Check the League Age for the following years:  

 2018  |  2019 and beyond

2018 Age Charts

INSTRUCTIONS: Match the month (top line) and box with year of birth. League age indicated at right.



2019 Age Charts

INSTRUCTIONS: Match the month (top line) and box with year of birth. League age indicated at right.

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