7v7 Spring Passing Football League

What is it?

7v7 is a passing-only game where a defender needs to place one hand anywhere on the receiver to stop play. 5 receivers go out on pass routes against 7 defenders. The defense can play man-to-man or zone. The center is not an eligible receiver and the QB must pass the ball down field within 5 seconds or the play is considered dead. The game is played on 40 yard fields. The offense gets 4 attempts to either make a first down or score. Football players love 7v7 because of the quick pace and similarity to backyard football. Regardless of what position a player plays in tackle football, every player can benefit from participating in 7v7. For the complete rules see: 2017 NOC Passing League Rules-3.pdf

Who is eligibile?

Players must be currently enrolled in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th, grade.

When does it happen?

Dates are subject to change. Please be sure to sign up to this site for news or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

As part of the registration process, you will have an opportunity to provide feedback on which days of the week work best for practices. Games occur every Sunday between April 8th and May 6, 2018.

Where does it happen?

Games are held at Alcott Middle School, Norman High School and Norman North. 

2018 NOC 7v7 Complete League Rules

1. Team Composition

1.1. Minimum: 10 players per team

1.2. Maximum: 14 players per team

1.3. Should a team not have the minimum of 10, we will attempt to assign players who signed up individually.

2. Team territorial or recruiting boundaries: None

3. Registration & Fees (Coach, Team & Players)

3.1. Registration for all coaches and players will be online.

3.1.1. Players must register online

3.1.2. Assistant coaches must register online

3.1.3. Head Coaches must register and pay team fee’s online

3.2. Team fees are set at $250.00 with multi team discount available.

3.3. Teams must submit on paper, a team roster form listing player information.

4. Gate Fees: None during league play

5. Team practices: Unlimited

6. League Play

6.1. 5-week regular season scheduled play beginning April 8, 2018.

6.2. 2 games played per week.

6.3. Games scheduled for Sunday afternoons @ Norman North High School Field, Norman High Stadium & Alcott Middle School (due to field availability and weather; dates, times and locations are subject to change)

6.4. Team and/or individual awards received for regular season champion per grade level

7. Post-Season Play: Tentative Tournament scheduled for May

8. Grade based league – 2017/2018 calendar year students

8.1. Current 3rd graders

8.2. Current 4th graders

8.3. Current 5th graders

8.4. Current 6th graders 

9. Weight Limits: None (lineman are allowed & welcomed)

10. Equipment

10.1. Each team must provide a Wilson, Nike or Under Armour leather or composite football.

10.1.1. 3rd, 4th & 5th grade teams: pee wee or junior size football

10.1.2. 6th grade teams: junior or youth size football

10.2. Mouth Pieces: All players are required to have and use during play

10.3. Cleats: Only screw in or molded rubber style cleats are allowed. Metal or Baseball style cleats are not permitted for play.

11. Uniforms

11.1. Teams must maintain uniformity throughout the team.

11.2. 2 jerseys or t-shirts in opposing colors (one colored, one white) are required with no less than a visible 6-inch number on the back. Reversible uniforms are acceptable.

11.3. In the event colors of each team are similar, visiting team will be required to wear white.

12. Coaching

12.1. Offensive coaches must maintain a 10-yard buffer from the line of scrimmage (behind the offense) at the snap of the ball.

12.2. Defensive coaches must be on the sidelines and may not be on the field of play once the ball is snapped.

13. Volunteers

13.1. Each team is required to furnish one volunteer each week per game.

13.2. Volunteers must check in with the game official for any assignment before the game.

14. Starting the game

14.1. A designated captain from each team will meet for an official coin toss. Winner of the coin toss will claim Offensive possession either first half or second half of the game.

15. Game times and clock

15.1. 2 halves per game, each with a 20 minute running clock

15.2. 5-minute half time

15.3. Game clock will stop only for following reasons:

15.3.1. Serious injuries to players, coaches or officials which effect play

15.3.2. Reasons deemed necessary by the official

15.3.3. Coaching time outs are not permitted

16. Game Rules

16.1. Play begins at the 40 yard line

16.2. Offense receives four attempts to advance past 20-yard line for a 1st down. After advancing past 20-yard line, the offense then has 4 attempts to score. A carryover of downs will not be permitted.

16.3. Scoring:

16.3.1. Touchdown: 6 points

16.3.2. Point after attempt (PAT): Automatic 1-point from the 5 yard line Automatic 2-points from the 10 yard line

16.3.3. 2 points are rewarded for a defensive interception (including PAT attempts). No runbacks (i.e. dead ball upon interception).

16.4. Possession changes after:

16.4.1. Touchdown/extra point attempt

16.4.2. Failure to make a first down

16.4.3. An offensive possession turnover

16.5. Teams must maintain no less than three (3) players on the line of scrimmage (one on left side, the center and one on the right side).

16.6. Eligible receivers must line up outside 4 yards to either side of the center.

16.7. Player motion before and during the snap of the ball:

16.7.1. Only one (1) player in motion at the time of the snap

16.7.2. Players in motion must move parallel to or away from the line of scrimmage

16.7.3. All players must be set before any player goes into motion.

16.8. No running plays allowed and no laterals after a pass reception.

16.9. No laterals beyond the line of scrimmage.

16.10. No laterals behind the line of scrimmage (No Double Passes).

16.11. No shovel passes.

16.12. Bubble Passes are approved so that it is a forward pass.

16.13. One hand touch by defender (anywhere on the body) is considered a tackle.

16.14. Ball is ruled dead when it hits the ground (team keeps ball).

16.15. After a catch, there will be no downfield blocking.

16.16. Each team must utilize a center to snap the ball to the QB. The QB will have 4 seconds for the ball to leave his hand. If the ball leaves after 5 seconds, it cannot be completed to an offensive player, but it may be intercepted.

16.17. Teams will have 25 seconds from the officials’ spot of the ball to begin the next play. Failure to do so will result in loss of down.

16.18. Offense: 7 on the field with the center and quarterback being ineligible receivers.

16.19. Defense: 7 defenders on the field.

16.20. No Defensive rushing will be allowed.

17. Ball Carrier inadvertently falls to the ground

17.1 A ball carrier who falls to the ground is considered down and will not be allowed to get back up to play.

18. Fumbles

18.1 There are no fumbles. When the ball carriers loses control of the ball and the ball or the ball carrier touch the ground the play is ruled dead and the ball will be spotted at the point it touched the ground as long as the spot is at or behind the ball carrier's forward progress.

19. Bad snap from center

18.1 A center snap that falls and touches the ground will be ruled live and the 4-second rule will be in effect.

20. Offensive & Defensive Penalties

20.1. Encroachment/Offsides: A player will be considered offside when he/she breaks the 2-yard neutral zone at the line of scrimmage. The penalty will be 5 yards and replay down.

20.2. Roughing: When the offensive or defensive players makes contact with a player in a manner that is aggressive or that is not deemed as an attempt to legally touch, this will be considered roughing.

20.2.1. Offensive Roughing: penalty will be 10 yards and loss of down.

20.2.2. Defensive Roughing: penalty will be 10 yards and an automatic first down.

20.3. Offensive blocking/shielding downfield: 10-yards from the spot of the foul.

20.4. Defensive holding: 5-yards and automatic first down.

21. Pass Interference

21.1. Defensive:

21.1.1. Outside 10-yard line infraction: 10-yards and replay of down.

21.1.2. Inside 10-yard line infraction: 1⁄2 distance to the goal.

21.1.3. End Zone infraction: spot of ball at 1-yard line and replay of down.

21.2. Offensive:

21.2.1. 5-yards and loss of down (teams may not surpass the 40-yard line).

22. Overtime

22.1. League Play – no overtime.

22.2. Tournament Play – TBD

23. Unnecessary roughness, fighting and/or unsportsmanlike conduct – ZERO TOLERANCE

23.1. Fighting, taunting and all other unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Coaches and players ejected for striking an opponent or official can face criminal charges.

23.2. All suspensions for unsportsmanlike conduct will carry over to the next game.

23.3. First infraction: 10-yards and verbal warning.

23.4. Second infraction: 10-yards, player/coach ejection & suspension of following game.

24. The commission is empowered to remove permanently any player, coach or observer they so deem necessary.

25. The Executive Director and or Football Director will have the authority to make a final ruling or change a rule in any disputed situation.

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