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Orangecrest ASA was formed in January of 2007. It was formed in order to teach our girls the right way to play the game of softball. While Little League is a tremendous organization, it teaches girls how to play baseball. Through ASA, we have begun to teach the girls the rules they will need to know to play high school and college softball.

A message from our President..

Dear OCGSA Parents,

You arrive at the complex for your scheduled game, the field is groomed and lined, the snack bar is well stocked and open for business, sponsors signs are posted, the players and coaches are well organized and in uniforms, by magic right? Well not exactly, only the hard work of your neighbors that sometimes seem like Magicians. The approach of the 2015 OCGSA Board of Directors is to try and involve as many people as possible without overburdening anyone. If you can come out even for an occasional day or two and offer your help, we all benefit. It can be fun and rewarding to know that volunteering your time is making an impact within our league and our community. You will make new friends and feel like you are part of something bigger than yourself. OCGSA has been blessed with two of the Best Softball Fields in the County. Look at some of the other fields in our county and you will realize how fortunate we are to have these fields. But we need help!!! Call on any board member and tell them you'd like to help out. We always need help with field maintenance and extra help in the snack bar. We won't burden you with great responsibilities unless you ask for them. We have fun because we are all working to help each other’s kids’, which is what makes Orangecrest a Great Place to Live! So give a little and live a lot!!! ........and remember to support our sponsors.

My philosophy for Orangecrest Softball is to "Teach the game, but use the game to teach life". You don't have to be an All-star to have fun; you just need to have fun being your Best. FUN is what the Orangecrest Softball program is all about.

SAFETY is rule #1. Luckily we have been without major injury for many seasons and we will strive to continue that safety record. Your child should play hard and have fun, but be SAFE! Our Board Members & Team Managers are there to make sure that happens at every game for every minute.

New things that OCGSA will be implementing this year will include Player & Coaches Clinics throughout the season, a “Coaches Corner” website page for team managers and coaches to reference training materials, and possibly a “Player Accomplishment” page that highlights player accomplishment on the field and in the classroom.

It’s important for parents to know that the Orangecrest Softball relies completely on our sponsors, registration fees, concession stands, and some fund raisers to keep our program going. We also couldn't survive without the help of our parents, volunteers, and most of all our dedicated coaches. We have some of the best coaches in our city and the best Board of Directors who give up and sacrifice their time so that our girls have a chance to play the sport that they love. So let’s respect all of them for the "tough" (but fun), job they do.

Be safe, have fun and let’s have a Great Season!

Orangecrest Girls Softball Association

Email: President@OCGSA.com

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