PAL Executive Board

President Wayne Koppel

Vice President Richard Waldorf

Recording Director [vacant]

Treasurer Debbie Perry

for general questions Donna Gregory
Donna can answer most questions if she does not have the answer she will contact the correct individual in PAL and provide you with the answer. Email Donna or call her at 954-448-5199, keep in mind she does work and will return your calls within 24 hours.

Registrar [vacant]
Registrar is responsible for making certain that signs are put up prior to registration, ordering registration forms and overseeing all registration activities.

Baseball Commissioner Tony Piedra
Jay is responsible for the Recreational Baseball program. Questions regarding Recreational Baseball should be sent to Tony.

Travel Baseball Commissioner John Drag
John is responsible for the Travel Baseball program (Stars). Questions regarding Travel Baseball should be sent to John.

Dynamites Commissioner  Luz Sementilli
The Dynamites program is for the mentally and/or physically challenged ”No Age Limit”. The Dynamites have many events throughout the year. All questions should be directed to Luz.

Basketball Commissioner Wayne Koppel
Wayne is responsible for the Biddy Basketball Program and the 10FT Basketball Program. Please direct all questions to Wayne.

Flag Football Commissioner Doug Hoffman (Interim)
Doug is responsible for the Recreational Flag Football Program. Questions regarding Flag Football should be sent to Doug.

Flag Cheerleading Commissioner is [vacant]
[vacant] is responsible for the Recreational Flag Cheerleading Program. Questions regarding Flag Cheerleading should be sent to [vacant].

Soccer Commissioner  Lee Levenberg
Lee is responsible for the Soccer Program, both recreational and travel.   All questions relating to Recreational Soccer should be sent to Lee.
     Travel Soccer
James Dolan

Fastpitch Softball Commissioner Richard Waldorf
Rick is responsible for Plantation Pressure travel softball program and also oversees the Recreational Softball Program. Questions regarding Fastpitch Softball should be sent to Rick.

Tackle Cheerleading Commissioner  Roynika Bennett
Roynika is responsible for the Tackle Cheerleading Program. Questions regarding Tackle Cheerleading and Competitive Cheer (Pride) should be sent to Roynika .

Tackle Football Commissioner  Cathy Ayala
Cathy is responsible for the Tackle Football Program. Questions regarding Tackle Football should be sent to Cathy.

Lacrosse Commissioner is Jeremy Wehby

Jeremy is responsible for the Recreational Lacrosse Program. Questions regarding lacrosse should be sent to Jeremy.