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2017 Fall Registration Packets

  2017 Fall End-of-Season Tournament Registration Form 262 KB10/3/2017
  2017 Fall (Session II) Pickleball Registration Form 167 KB10/4/2017


  Flag Football By-Laws 281 KB12/15/2016
  Slow-Pitch Softball By-Laws 461 KB5/5/2017
  Pickleball By-Laws 247 KB7/11/2017
  Kickball By-Laws 447 KB4/25/2017
  Short Field Soccer By-Laws 425 KB8/7/2017


  ASA Banned Bat List 1 MB9/15/2016
  Heritage Yards - Map 1 MB9/15/2016
  Heritage Yards - Rules 15 KB9/15/2016
  Softball Sportsmanship Guidelines 73 KB9/15/2016
  Softball Player Addition Form 78 KB2/16/2017
  Softball Team Roster Form 205 KB5/24/2017
  Line-Up Card 81 KB5/17/2017

Flag Football

  8x8 Flag Football Rules (TAAF) 208 KB9/15/2016
  Flag Football Sportsmanship Guidelines 73 KB9/15/2016
  TAAF Flag Football Penalty Chart 75 KB9/15/2016
  Flag Football Player Addition Form 156 KB2/16/2017
  Flag Football Team Roster Form 204 KB3/17/2017
  High Point Park Map 600 KB8/4/2017


  Kickball Player Addition Form 156 KB2/16/2017
  Kickball Team Roster Form 204 KB3/17/2017
  Line-Up Card 81 KB5/17/2017

Short Field Soccer

  Map of Enfield Park 592 KB8/7/2017


  Plano Umpire/Referee Survey 37 KB9/15/2016
  Softball/Kickball Practice Areas & Map 143 KB9/15/2016

Free Agent Lists

  Flag Football Free Agent List 14 KB7/19/2017
  Kickball Free Agent List 11 KB7/19/2017
  Pickleball Sub List 10 KB9/13/2017
  Slow-Pitch Softball Free Agent List 17 KB8/8/2017
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