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Coaches and Families

  FIFA Rules 11 KB10/2/2015
  Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Information Pamphlet 1 MB10/2/2015
  Handbook for Recreational Coaches 638 KB8/29/2016
  Player Pass Rule 23 KB1/16/2017
  Concussion Symptoms and Testing 98 KB10/2/2015
  Team Import Form 9 KB10/2/2015
  Player Code of Conduct 2015 159 KB11/5/2015
  Spectator's Code of Conduct 2015 157 KB11/5/2015
  Coach's Code of Conduct 2015 163 KB11/5/2015
  Sports Abuse and Sexual Misconduct Policy 295 KB12/29/2015
  Coach Guidelines 2016/17 15 KB7/29/2016
  Player Development Initiave 1 MB8/29/2016
  Select Player Policy in TCYSA Leagues 17 KB1/16/2017
  Summer Soccer Guidance for Coaches and Referees, Summer 2017 28 KB4/18/2017
  TCYSA Score Management 64 KB10/4/2017


  Referee Guidelines 2016/17 14 KB7/29/2016


  TCYSA Rule Revisions 2015 277 KB2/13/2015
  District 7 Standing Rules and Regulations 149 KB10/2/2015
  PSC Standing Rules and By-laws 2015 230 KB10/2/2015

Coaching Tools

  Long Term Player Development 3 MB9/5/2012
  11+ Manual 4 MB9/5/2012
  Parent_Athlete Concussion Awareness Information Pamphlet 121 KB7/27/2015
  Student-Parent Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Awareness Form 141 KB7/27/2015
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