• All participants must abide by the facility owner – Foothills Park and Recreation District’s “Code of Conduct” which is posted on the facility walls
  • It is mandatory for all participants to have a valid annual USA Roller Hockey membership, only RMRHL registered player’s can practice and play on the rink for scheduled activities. This membership is valid through the 31st of August every year. Go to usarollerhockey.org for more information.
  • RMRHL uses rules from USA Roller Hockey and USARS. RMRHL house rules may be updated to fit league needs.
  • If you have wheels on your feet, a helmet must be on your head! Players, Referees, Coaches (who skate) must wear a helmet when on the rink at all times. Players must also always wear helmets when on the player’s bench or in penalty box during hockey play.
  • Mandatory equipment is required. Helmet with functioning chin strap. Helmet with face mask for any player under the age of eighteen. (A face mask is highly recommended for all players.) Elbow pads, shin pads, gloves, stick and skates with all wheels intact. All equipment must be covered with jersey and hockey pants.
  • All teams must wear like jerseys of similar color family and all must have a number and no duplicate numbers.
  • RMRHL stands by its Zero Tolerance Policy. Fighting will result in an automatic ejection from the game or facility and an additional two game suspensions and/or permanent ejection from the league. This includes third man in or others who get involved in situations they should not.  Profanity, abusive language, racial remarks or sexual harassment will also not be tolerated and treated in the same manner. The Referees and League Administration will make determinations based on each situation.
  • Coaches/Captains need to act with dignity and maintain control over his/her team and their spectators at all times. This includes entering and exiting the rink, to and from locker rooms and during the sportsmanship handshake at the end of every game. Coaches/Captains should not allow players to have physical contact or verbal confrontation with league officials, opposing teams/players or spectators at any time.
  • All teams must have four rostered players and a goalie, or five rostered players and no goalie to play. If a team only has four players they may pick up 1 sub only. That sub must be rostered in that league to be eligible to participate.
  • Goalies may sub anytime within their rostered league, and may sub in other leagues with RMRHL administration or referee approval.
  • RMRHL will make player determinations based on what is best for the league when adding or removing players from rosters or league play. Team or player adjustments may be made at anytime if deemed necessary by league administration.
  • All referee calls are FINAL – Never approach a referee or RMRHL staff, after game play with complaints regarding officiating. RMRHL implements a twenty-four hour cool down rule. This allows time for emotions to get in check and helps all parties involved. After this time, RMRHL keeps a comment log in the main office. The purpose of this log is to allow anyone who wishes to write down suggestions, remarks, complaints or compliments about a game or a situation that took place. These comments are reviewed and utilized as an educational and training tool for the league.
  • Any player assessed four penalties in a single game will be ejected from that game.
  • Any player that intentionally hits the rink walls/glass, as a display of anger, may be assessed a penalty of the referee’s discretion.
  • Any stick lifted above an opponent’s waist may be considered a penalty at the discretion of the officials. Keep sticks off the body.
  • Any player who slides in front of an oncoming player (whether contact with the puck is made or not) may be called for a tripping penalty.
  • Game stop time will occur during a time out, an injury or in the last two minutes of the game within two goals.
  • Run clock situations: a delay of game penalty may get assessed for late change; winning team needs to hustle to face offs.
  • Warm up – Game starts after five minute warm up.
  • Game length Regular season – (three) fifteen minute periods. Ties – three man shoot out, if no goals are scored the game then proceeds to a sudden death shoot out, shooters now reset and the entire bench shoots, whichever team scores and is not matched – results in the win.
  • Game length Playoffs – (three) 13 minute periods. Mercy rule in playoffs only, if eight goal differential in second period or thereafter, game over. Ties – three man shoot out, if no goals are scored the game then proceeds to a sudden death shoot out, shooters now reset and the entire bench shoots, whichever team scores and is not matched – results in the win.
  • Forfeits are scored as 4 – 0. Team players that are scheduled when there is a forfeit may still use the floor time and practice/scrimmage. This time will not be officiated. Advanced notice of a forfeit is appreciated by the league.
  • No alcoholic beverages, no smoking, no drugs allowed in league play areas (i.e locker rooms, benches, stands).
  • No person will be allowed to participate in game play if behavior deemed unfit to participate safely by referee or league administrator.
  • Any person may be asked to leave the premises at any time. If an RMRHL staff member deems their behavior to be inappropriate or threatening then law enforcement will be contacted if necessary.
  • Any person who deliberately causes damage to RMRHL property will be held responsible and law enforcement may be called
  • RMRHL does have a small variety of loaner equipment that is available for league use only. It is kept behind the Red Rink. Only persons borrowing equipment for league play should be back in the equipment area.

Update 10/1/2016 – RMR reserves the right change, amend or remove any of the above rules at any time without notice.

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