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RMR offers adult inline hockey leagues year round for players, beginner to advanced ages 16 and over. Our games are played on an indoor regulation sized rink with electronic scoreboards and team locker rooms.


Levels of Play

Players and Teams are placed in divisions based on their level skill and desired competition level. Our levels of play are as follows:

  • Beginner – Just like it sounds, this level of play is best suited for players just learning the game or prefer a slower paced game. Ideally players in this level have some skating and game experience as well a good level of knowledge about the rules of game. This level well suited for co-ed team and/or teams with mixture of skill levels
  • Bronze (Intermediate) – Players at this level will have more game experience and prefer a faster paced game. The teams in these divisions will have a good mix of player from the beginner and advance levels. Players in this division may have experience playing high-school level hockey or may have grown up playing the game at the youth level.
  • Silver (Advanced) – While still considered recreational, players in this level are for more competitive and play at advanced levels. These divisions will feature players who may have good level of game experience from college and other competitive programs.
  • Gold (Elite) – These are players and teams who may have competed at the pro and semi-pro. This division is intended for player looking for the highest level of play available.


Free Agents

Looking for a team? We can help find you a team in you desired level of play. Simply register for the division corronding to your desired level of play and we’ll take care of the rest.



Division Parity – Individually players can easily be classified in any one of these levels of play. The reality is that hockey is a team sport and while we will always do our best insure players are matched in the proper divisions, not everything is so easily black and white. Our goal is to provide a fun and safe experience for all of our participants. The best way we know how to do that is to focus on division parity rather the individual player parity. That means it would not be unusual to see an Intermediate player playing on a beginner team if that meant the team becomes more competitive in that division. We have and will continue to watch for “stacked” teams. In which case, we work with the captain/team to bring that parity back into line either moving players off the team or asking the team to move to a higher division.



You are in a rare breed of individual that take on the responsibility of being the main point of contact for the team both on and off the rink. We will always contact you first for scheduling issues, player issues, etc.

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