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Adult Sports

  Adult Sports Official Roster (PDF) 292 KB3/22/2017
  Adult Sports Official Roster (Editable Excel Document) 73 KB3/22/2017
  Add/Drop Player Form 294 KB1/23/2017
  Adult Softball League/Playoff Formats 82 KB6/6/2017
  Adult Basketball League/Playoff Formats 93 KB6/6/2017
  Waiver for Players Under Age 18 (Softball & Dodgeball ONLY) 281 KB8/29/2017
  Optional Batting Order (Softball) 276 KB1/22/2017
  Adult Basketball Rulebook 210 KB1/22/2017
  ASA List of Prohibited Bats (Softball) **UPDATED 3/20/17** 1 MB3/20/2017
  Adult Softball Rulebook 150 KB3/10/2017

Youth Sports

  Youth Sports Heat Stress Prevention Policy 59 KB1/11/2017
  SCMAF Accident Claim Form 52 KB7/6/2016
  Youth Sports Parent Code of Coduct 283 KB9/19/2016
  Team Parent Responsibilities 120 KB1/11/2017
  Team Snack Sign Up Sheet 123 KB8/29/2017
  Parents' Guide to Youth Basketball 357 KB8/8/2017
  Parents' Guide to Youth Soccer 238 KB8/29/2017
  Youth Soccer League Rules 302 KB8/29/2017

Current Program Flyers

  Fall 2017 Nerf Football Clinic Flyer 771 KB8/29/2017
  SCMAF Toy Drive Tournament 417 KB6/29/2017
  Fall 2017 Adult Softball Flyer 551 KB7/21/2017
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