Winterball/Fallball 2017 

In addition to the regular Spring and All Star seasons, many SVGS players participate in the local Winterball (aka Fallball) season.

Winterball teams are formed and run independently from other seasons. Teams register through Thousand Oaks Girls Softball Association and pay a fee per team. There is NO draft process.  Teams play two games on Sundays at different locations depending on their age. There are typically rec divisions in 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U. The winter ball season runs from the first Sunday after Labor Day in September to the last Sunday in October.

If you are interested in playing winter ball, you need to find a manager that is taking a team and get on their team. We recommend you start asking your Spring or All Star managers, assistant coaches, etc. as soon as possible to get a spot.
Players who are interested in playing can also email the SVGS Winterball commissioner  at email will place your daughter on the winterball interest list. It should include your player’s name, league age (age as of Jan 1 in the current year) and your contact information. An interest list is also available near the snack bar on Closing Day, Saturday 4/29.

We provide this list to managers who are looking for players. Putting your name on this list does not guarantee a spot on a team.  We will actively try to find managers to take teams to place all the girls on the list on a team. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee everyone will get a spot as it depends on the number of managers that volunteer to take a team.

The best way to ensure your daughter plays winterball is to manage a team.  If you ever thought about managing or coaching a team, winter ball is the perfect opportunity to start.  Managing a winterball team places less requirements of the manager.  Winterball is meant to have less focus on competition, more focus on fundamentals and provides the ability to managers to create opportunities for players to try new things.  

Please understand it requires a tremendous amount of time, work and money to run a full Spring Season.  Winterball was designed in such a way to enable girls to play during the winter season but to minimize the requirements of the volunteers during the off season.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and hope you enjoy your winterball season!

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