Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the season? Typically the season starts with practices in January and extends through the end of April. All Star Season begins in May and can last all the way through August.  Please see the calendar for dates for valuations, Opening and Closing days.

Does my daughter have to have prior experience? Not at all.  New players are welcome in all divisions 6U - 14U

What is included as part of registration? Registration fees include items for each player - 1 Team Jersey, 1 pair of socks, and a team headband.

What is the age cut off for each division? A players league age is her age on 1/1. An 8U player for example can be no more that 8 years old on 1/1. Players wishing to "play up" or have other circumstances related to which division to register for should contact

What type of equipment does my daughter need? She will need an ASA certified bat, a batting helmet with a faceguard and a chin strap, a glove, cleats (non spike), and we suggest an infielders face mask. If your daughter is a catcher, possibly catching gear. SVGS does make bats, helmets, and gloves available to those that cannot afford or prefer to not purchase the equipment.

When are practices and games?  Before the season begins, most teams practice once or twice during the week and once on Saturday.  Once the season begins, teams usual have 2 games per week, 1 during the week and 1 on Saturday. Most teams will still have a practice a week.  Practice days and times are up to the team manager based on his schedule and field availability.

How much volunteer time do I have to commit to? We ask that each family provide one (1) 4-hours of snack bar time, and either a few hours assisting in field maintenance or on Opening Day. Any additional time that you spend depends upon your level in involvement with your daughter’s team. Please note that you may be able to “buyout” of your snack bar hours.

Do I have to sell SMG Movie Tickets? No. We do provide a “buyout” option for parents that do not want to sell the movie tickets.

How much will the season cost? Besides your registration costs and equipment, there are some additional fees that you may or may not have to incur. Below is a list of a few items. Please note that prices are subject to change and are provided as an estimate only.

 Item Approx. Cost
 Snack Bar Buyout $75
 Studio Movie Grill Tickets Buyout
 Background Check (if assisting on field)
 Banner $5 - $15
 Spirit Gear
 Additional Team Apparel               
 Opening Day Wristband
 Father/Daughter Dance
 UCLA Game Day
 Photos (additional photos not part of the package)

How often does the Board meet? The Board meets every two weeks, on Tuesday evenings. Times and locations may change, depending on the availability of meeting location. General Board Meetings are open to the public.

Where can I get a copy of your Local Rules and Bylaws? Our Local Rules and Bylaws can be found on our website: on the Downloads page.

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