The Snack Bar Schedule is now CLOSED.  Please check back next season to schedule your appointment.


Please sign up for ONE four-hour shift to fulfill your family snack bar volunteer obligation.

Monday through Thursday shifts will be ONE shift, and that is 5:00-close.  Please be there ON TIME to open up and plan on being there through closing.  Games start at 6:00 pm with most going 1:30 on time, so you will have about 30 minutes to close down.


Per the SVGS Board of Directors, minimum age requirement is 16 years to work in the snack bar, AND, must be approved by the Snack Bar Directors PRIOR to scheduling a teen to work.


If you need to make a change to your time, please email Kimi Schoonmaker at  You have ONE chance at making a change, which DOES NOT include a NO-Show.  If you do not show up, you do risk losing your Snack Bar Deposit.


Finally, we cannot thank you enough for signing up and completing your shift.  The SVGS Snack bar is only as successful as we all, as parents make it. 

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