Code of Conduct

Wilshire Softball led by its Board of Directors, made the decision to adopt and practice the principles of Positive Coaching as defined by the Positive Coaching Alliance.

Positive Coaching Alliance is a national nonprofit organization committed to providing all youth and high school athletes a positive, character-building youth sports experience.

Wilshire Softball’s adoption of the Positive Coaching Alliance philosophy is intended to help coaches teach players to learn how to win, on and off the field, in a fun, competitive environment. It also means that regardless of their skill level, players can take softball’s invaluable lessons in teamwork, discipline, compassion and handling adversity and apply those lessons in school, jobs and their family lives.

In addition, Wilshire Softball Association has created the Wilshire Softball Association Pledge which provides the guidelines that lead to a positive sports experience by and for our Coaches, Parents and Players.