Congratulations to the District 7 "Of the Year" 2014/2015 Winners!

 Boys Competitive Coach of the Year: BEN HAMILTON

Girls Competitive Coach of the Year: JESSICA COSTELLO

Girls Recreational Coach of the Year: ANGELA HUBER

  Boys Recreational Coach of the Year:  ANA MARQUEZ

 Volunteer of the Year:  DAVE THOMSON


Champion's Tournament

Full Field Recreational Teams

May, 29th to 31st

Games in Centralia at Fort Borst Park

$300 per team

Medals to first and second place teams

See Rules

Go to Top Tool Bar "Tournament Registration"  to register your team

7th Annual MLS Cup

May 29 - 31, 2015

For Recreational Teams

U8, U9, U10, U11

Click here for more information

Click here for rules

Sunday, June 14th - location TBD

Position still open:  

Director of Development Marketing
Prepare seasonal marketing campaigns and distribute to associations, active communication of events, maintain messaging and content as website administrator for District, share district wide soccer promotion best-practices    

Upcoming Coaching Courses 2015

Apr. 13-24 - National "E" License, Highline College
Apr. 17-19 - National "D" License, Bellevue
May 1-3 - National "E" License, Olympia
May 1-3 - National "D" License, Spokane Valley
May 15-17 - National "E" License, Pasco
May 15-17    - National "E" License, Mountlake Terrace
May 15-17 - National "D" License, Olympia
May 29-31 - National "E" License, Leavenworth
May 29-31    - National "E" License, Mercer Island

The months ahead feature many exciting opportunities for coaches to enhance their coaching education credentials, including numerous National "E"- and "D"-License courses at locations across the state, and the all-new National "F" License, which can be taken online at any time.

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