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Summer Season

After much hesitation due the weather, the Summer Softball Flyer will now be published. Registration will begin while still in the Spring softball season, and only have a 2 week buffer between seasons.. so cross your fingers for no more rain.

Don't forget this season to attend the Change of Rules Meeting:

When: June 13th

Where: Cherry Park Community Building

Why: To discuss and VOTE for changes in the local by laws for YOUR league

You may click the link below for the flyer


Successful Change of Rules Meeting

Thanks again to those of you showed up to the Change of Rules Meeting last night, another successful meeting for the books! There were some changes unanimously voted upon last night. Rules / League play that were changed last night are as such:

1. The league be changed to an 8 week season, continuing to keep 10 games/season. Which will mean 2 double headers/season.

2. Pinch Runners-

(Mens League) 1 pinch runner per inning

 (Coed League) 1 pinch runner per inning

3. The 1 with 1 up rule for home runs was changed to:

2 with 1 up (All leagues, aside from Church League)

New Local By-laws can be downloaded

Local By laws 3-7-16

It was also brought up that the teams are asking for better communication, so the City will do our best to keep in contact with the managers and teams in a more proficient manner, such as:

- Texting / Emailing team Managers with Field Condition Updates! Via mass communication through TeamSideline

- Updating the Rain Out Line by 2:00PM everyday! (817) 598 4151

- Keeping TeamSideline with the most pertinent and reliable information possible ie; Field gets changed from 2 to 3 due to field conditions, Teamsideline will have the appropriate information on it

Bat Tester

Good news to weary players out there, City of Weatherford is now a proud owner of a G4 SSL (USSSA Model)

Barrel Compression Tester


So feel free to contest any bat out there any time to your umpires!

Click here to signup for text and email communications - then follow these steps:
  • Click the link above.
  • Type in 1) your Name, 2) email address, 3) cell phone including area code, 4) click the Submit button.
  • Enter the 4 digit activation code that is texted to you.
  • Click the Validate button -- and you're Done! : -)

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