Lewis County Youth Soccer Association
Coach Clinic


August 15

9:00 - 2:00 PM  U6 / U8 / U10 and above

 The session will be discuss proper coaching and the importance of development in children. This has been an eye opener for many new and even experienced coaches in the past. Then LCYSA will host a quick lunch and move into on the field drills and training. It will be set up by age group and has really helped in teaching how to build on skills.

Start time 9 am Lunch 11 and the on field training at 11:30 and concluding around 12:30/ 1:00 pm....

I hope this answered your questions... Thank You so much for your time and willingness to grow  your knowledge.

For the last 2 years Lewis County Youth Soccer has hosted a Coaching Clinic presented By James Charrette & Kyle Jones with Black Hills Soccer Club. We are happy to present this interactive educational experience again this year. We are happy to announce this training is Free to coaches! 


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