2017 Coach App

This is an application for the Whitney Junior Wildcats Football and Cheer coaching positions. Individuals wishing to participate as coaches need to be aware of the required activities and time commitment to support the program. The following service commitments are required of all coaches.

WJW Coaches and Cheer Clinics
In season practices
Live Scan background check & clearance
Commitment to WJW Mission
Commitment to Code of Ethics
Commitment to all participants

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WJW does not accept applications from anyone who has EVER been convicted of a felony or any crime involving theft, violence, a sex crime, or a crime against children.  

I understand that with submission of this application I am not ensured an interview OR a coaching position. By signing below, I acknowledge that the above information is true and any acts of perjury justify dismissal. If I am contacted for an interview, a coach hand book and code of ethics will be provided to review and sign.

My requested position or placement is not guaranteed and is subject to review of overall WJW coaching needs. A coaching position is not guaranteed until a Live Scan is completed through the Department of Justice.

I affirm that the statement above does not disqualify me from eligibility to serve as a WJW staff member.

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