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Add-On To This EnrollmentYes
Donation $10.00 Per Item
Donations (change quantity to $ amount of donation) Make Sure you enter the Name on the Player(s) or reason for donation.
Player(s) Name or Reason
Fundraising Opt-Out Fee $150.00 Per Item
Fundraising Opt-Out Fee Youth Opt Out Fee is $150.
Enter your player(s) Name
Girls Pinny* $20.00 Per Item
Girls Pinny *Please note, a reversible mesh Lake Zurich Lacrosse pinny is required at all games. If a player has a LZLC pinny of the correct color, she may wear that pinny for all subsequent seasons. - Numbers are random and not requestable - Sorry
Boys Tournament Team Jersey $50.00 Per Item
Jersey for Tournament Team

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