Manager/Coach App

This is an application for a Manager or Coach Position in the Rocklin Pony Youth Baseball Organization. Individuals wishing to participate as a Manager or Coach need to be aware of the required activities and time commitments to support the program. Applicants must also complete and submit the Rocklin Pony Youth Baseball Volunteer Application for a background check.

Back ground checks will be conducted on all applicants. Upon submitting this application, please visit Spring 2018 registration page where you should enroll as a volunteer and select either Manager or Coach as your enrollment option. 

Do you have a child in the program?
Select Position
Division your child is in
Manager or Coach in RPYB last year?
Enter name of team and division coach last year if applicable
Previous Manager/Coach? Select Yes or No
Enter Location, Age Groups and Organization of previous coaching
Have you supervised any other your activities
Enter Dates and Location of youth activity supervised
Type baseball programs played as player: Youth Baseball, High School, College, Semi-Pro, Pro, Youth Softball, Adult Softball
Ever received training as a baseball manager/coach?
Enter dates and training program received or participated in.
Have you ever umpired in an organized baseball program?
Enter dates, location and level umpired.
Do you have special certifications (i.e. CPR, Medical, etc)? Please list
Enter Previous Coaching and/or volunteer experience (including RPYB) and year(s).
List three references. References should be from your work, volunteer placement, or other organization where you have demonstrated work or volunteer involvement. Each should have known you for at least 6 months. Include name, phone and organization.
May we contact your listed references?
Why do you want to manage or coach a RPYB League team?
I understand that with submission of this application I am not ensured an interview for manager/coach. By signing below, you acknowledge that the above information is true and any any act of perjury will justify dismissal
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