Team Sideline FAQ


Why do I have to create a new account even though I have one with South Suburban?

TeamSideline is a contracted registration system website that the District has obtained. Since it is contracted out and not associated with previous registration systems, a new account is needed for those looking to participate within a South Suburban Athletics’ League. Once an account is created, it can be used for any athletic league registration moving forward.

Why did South Suburban Athletics change to using TeamSideline for Registration?

After some evaluation of the services the District provides the Athletics Department has decided to utilize TeamSideline as its registration provider. The Athletics Department continues to find ways to provide an exceptional experience for our users and understands that it starts the moment individuals register for a program. TeamSideline will be utilized for registration, communications, and team scheduling which is all incorporated in one site. 

What is the difference between District and Non-District?

The District encompasses 42 square miles, including the City of Lone Tree in the southeast section of the District to the City of Sheridan in the northwest. Anyone who rents or owns property within the District boundaries is a District resident and enjoys resident benefits and pricing. South Suburban’s facilities, programs, and classes are open to those who live outside the District at nonresident pricing. 

See the District’s boundaries on our Maps section.

How do I get District pricing?

In order to get District pricing, individuals must live within the District Boundaries. To ensure whether that you live within the boundaries or not, please enter your address on 

How do I use a South Suburban gift card to pay for a registration on TeamSideline?

Yes, gift cards can be used for a league registration. With TeamSideline being an outside system, purchases with a gift card must be done over the phone (303-798-7515) or in person at our Athletics Office (6631 S. University Blvd. Centennial, 80121).

Why does a team manager have to add each individual team member’s email when registering a team?

The ability for team managers to add their player roster at the time of registrations allows our staff to assist the team manager in collecting payments from their individual players.  It encourages sustainability by having players complete waivers online.  Additionally,  staff can communicate program information, weather issues or field changes to all members of a team in a timely fashion.



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