2017 Fall League Registration Details

Early Outdoor Registration Period: Monday, 7/10 - Monday, 8/07 | Late Outdoor Registration Period: Tuesday, 8/08 - Monday, 8/14

Early Indoor Registration Period: Monday, 8/14 - Tuesday, 9/05 | Late Indoor Registration Period: Wednesday, 9/06 - Monday, 9/11

Adult SportsTeam FeeLate Team FeeLeague BeginsNights OfferedLeague Format
Men's 5-on-5 Basketball$425$4509/26TUE 8 Game Season + Playoffs
Men's 3-on-3 Basketball$255$2809/27WED8 Game Season + Playoffs
Men's 5-on-5 Flag Football$225$2508/28MON8 Game Season (Double Headers) + Playoffs
Co-Rec 5-on-5 Flag Football$225$2508/28MON8 Game Season (Double Headers) + Playoffs Season + Playoffs
Men's 8-on-8 Flag Football$350$3758/29TUE8 Game Season + Playoffs
Co-Rec Kickball$325$3509/01FRI10 Game Season + Playoffs
Men's Softball$345$3708/28MON, TUE, & THU8 Game Season + Playoffs
Co-Rec Softball$345$3708/29TUE & FRI8 Game Season + Playoffs
Co-Rec Ultimate Frisbee*$20N/A8/31THU12 Game Season + Playoffs
Co-Rec Volleyball$260$2859/25MON & THU8 Game Season + Playoffs
Women's Volleyball$260$2859/27WED8 Game Season + Playoffs
Men's Softball (Doubleheader League)$525$5508/30WED16 Game Season + Playoffs
Men's Soccer$515$5408/28MON8 Game Season + Playoffs
Women's Soccer$515$5408/29TUE8 Game Season + Playoffs
Co-Rec Soccer$515$5408/31THU8 Game Season + Playoffs

 *Ultimate Frisbee registration is handled through the Dallas Ultimate Association (DUA) so fees are based on individual player entry fees instead of team entry fees.  

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