1st-2nd Grade (FLAG) Auburn Football

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Practices start THURSDAY August 31st - 6:00pm at Cleveland Field!!

Practice will be Monday & Thursday from 6:00pm - 7:15pm at Cleveland Street Field!!


Program Information:

Head Coach: Lee Averill


Game Schedule:


9/15 - at Walton - 3:00pm

9/23 - at Spruce Mountain - 11:00am

9/31 - at Winthrop - 1:00pm - 17 Highland Ave, Winthrop

10/8 - at Walton - 3:00pm

10/15 - at Winthrop - 4:00pm - 23 Highland Ave, Winthrop

10/21 - Flag Football Jamboree - at Winthrop -9:00am (waiting on address!)


It is not possible to run this program without coaches, and we would love to have you volunteer.  The success and continuation of this program is dependant on being able to find coaches! Please inquire with pceprano@auburnmaine.gov or call 333-6601x2107 to discuss this opportunity today!