Field Rentals

The City of Carrollton has athletic fields available to rent for team practices, games or friendly competition.
Lights are provided for evening rentals at an extra cost.

The facilities available for rent through the
athletics division are:

Josey Ranch Football field
Josey Ranch Softball & Baseball fields
McInnish Baseball fields
McInnish Softball fields
Thomas Baseball fields
Thomas Football field

Field costs:

Residents - $30/hr
Non Residents - $35/hr

Lights: $20/hr

Complex Rates:

Residents - $800/day
Non Residents - $1000/day

Lights: $20/hr per field
Please call 972-466-9833 for field availability.

Athletic Field Request Form 

Athletic Field Dimensions

McInnish Sports Complex Map

Field Quality Feedback

Field Rental Membership
We currently offer a discount to individuals, teams or organizations that pay a membership fee to rent our fields.  Here are the details:

  • It is an annual fee of $300 (individuals or teams) or $750 (organizations or clubs)
  • It is only good for rental of baseball or softball fields for practices
  • It is available to residents or non-residents
  • The discounted rates will be $20/hour for fields and $15/hour for lights
  • Membership must be purchased up front to get discount - cannot apply fees already paid towards membership

Field Membership Form

Thor Guard Lightning Prediction System

Lightning is a severe hazard that must be viewed seriously.  The City of Carrollton has installed Thor Guard Lightning Prediction Systems at McInnish Sports Complex, R.E. Good Soccer Complex, Josey Ranch Sports Complex, W.J. Thomas Park and Rosemeade Recreation Center. This system will alert anyone in the immediate area if lightning is considered to be a threat to those on the fields. Thor Guard will give one 15-second blast when lightning strikes within a specified area. Upon hearing the blast, everyone should immediately stop current activities, remove themselves from the fields and seek appropriate shelter. After the initial 15-second blast, a yellow strobe light on top of the system will begin flashing.  This light will remain flashing until safe conditions return. Once lightning is no longer considered to be a safety risk by Thor Guard, the system will provide an “all clear” by giving three 5-second blasts.  Regular activities may resume at this time.   No one is allowed to return to the field until the all-clear is given by the Thor Guard system.  Any association or group that does not follow these procedures, is subject to loss of field privileges.  Everyone should immediately seek shelter any time lightning is believed to be a threat, even if a signal has not been sounded.  For the current status of our Thor Guard systems, please visit this page

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