West Valley Girls Softball Snack Shack


Auxiliary is Welcoming New Members

Auxiliary Members are the parents who run the Snack Shack.  They are responsible for overseeing the food preparation, stocking, cash receipts, and providing guidance to parents working their required shifts.

It's a great way to be involved and meet other parents!

To be an auxiliary member,  you need to commit to 3 three hour shifts.   As an auxiliary member,  the shifts you supervise are counted towards the normal shifts required by each family.

If you're interested and/or would like additional information, please email Jodie Thomson at snackshackcoordinator.org


Snack Shack Shifts

 The Snack Shack is staffed by our parent volunteers and board members. The snack shack profits are used to offset the league operating costs and thus keeps the registration fees lower. The Snack Shack could not operate without our amazing families.... THANK-YOU!

Each season the families of registered players must either:

Work (2) 3 hour shifts in the Spring / (1) 3 hour shift in the Fall or, Pay $50 to opt out of each shift required.

Shifts are scheduled by the families using the signup.com link above. The shifts maybe canceled and rescheduled in signup.com up to 60 hours before your shift is scheduled to start. Opt outs payments can be added to your cart during registration. If you did not opt out during registration, but would like to do so during the season, you can drop off your opt out payment to the snack shack.

If a family does not show up to work a scheduled shift they will be billed $75 a shift. Payment for the missed shift is due the next game day.  All Shifts must be scheduled by April 1st in the Spring and October 15th in the Fall.   Families that have not scheduled a shift by these dates must bring in $75 for each shift not scheduled on the following game day.


 Girls will not be allowed to participate in All-Stars if they have an outstanding Snack Shack Oblibation.






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